Mercury-163610 640

Screenshot from NASA satellites

Zwergforte 2
is a planet the size of the Moon that circles around Pluto for some reason. It was discovered by Prof. Scoots and Dankerdork while they were looking at stars. It is proclaimed to be Scoot Lab's greatest discovery.


Zwergeforte 2 is a pinkish grey planet with red cracks all around it, like a cracked egg. It also smells like a McDonalds happy meal.

On the planet, there is a giant australium pot laying in the ground, held to the ground by two Spycrabs injected with TITAN. Inside of the pot is twenty two thousand pounds of multiple foods, including:

  • Pasta
  • Goat cheese
  • Human flesh
  • McDonald's happy meals

And about two billion chicken nuggets. This is the main food source of the species that live there, as they live in peace with each other and cannot hunt each other.

The majority of the planet is made out of metal, due to the Spaghetti Aliens.


Zwergeforte is known to contain these species:


The information above was collected by drones and tracking devices, there has currently been no human led expedition.

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