The Homini lupum et pinguem (Latin for Fat wolf man), also known as the Wolf Heavy is a wolf like creature which is common in colder climates. They are commonly seen in pine forest and snowy locations. They have long grey fur and walk on four paws, with long extended claws for attacking and kill prey animals. They are canine in appearence and hunt in packs, with males and females hunting alongside each other, untill spring and early summer when their pups are being born and raised, the female will remain in a den while the males hunt, untill the pups are old enough to hunt with their parents. Because of their large bear like claws they are sometimes mistaken for Heavy Bears. These bear like claws are not developed untill the pups reach a age of 6 months. If you approach a Heavy Wolf that does NOT have claws, LEAVE IT BE. The Heavy Wolf usually leaves humans alone, but touching a mother Heavy Wolf's pup reults in their mother going into a blind rage, which will result in your death.

Habitat and DietEdit

The Heavy Wolf is found in pine forests and cold regions, such as Nightfall, Sawmill, and even Mannworks. They are rarely found in area with humans, as they prefer to be alone. So they can be seen most commonly secluded in a corner of a map, or even more uncommonly in packs in the map. They are apex predators and will eat most herbivores and even a few predators, however they will not attack humans unless provoked. They can take down large prey with their pack strength. They can be commonly seen carrying small portions of their kills, to feed themselves when food is scarce.


There are two types of Wolf Heavy, the Grey Wolf Heavy and the closely related Albino Wolf Heavy, or the Snowy Wolf Heavy. The only real difference between the two is color and habitat. The Grey Wolf Heavy is grey in color and resides mostly in pine forests with little to no snow, while the Albino Wolf Heavy is white in color resides in snowy regions all the time, which causes it white coat.

Variants and how to become a Heavy WolfEdit

Grey Heavy Wolf:

-K-9 Mane

-The Buffalo Steak Sandvich

-Warriors Spirit

Albino Heavy Wolf:

-K-9 Mane (White paint)

-The Buffalo Steak Sandvich

-Warriors Spirit