Festive pyro

Near the festive season a Winterro will wrap their weapons in lights.

Winterro are a new species of tf2nimal which are very sneaky and try to disguise as other pyro species 

sometimes even growing the shock fins of the pyroshark.


Found in random maps they will look very winterish with a cloth like face with a pair of goggle eyes on them and another warm looking item on top, sometimes 


The Basic Winterro With a scarf object and gold style

covering the wrap entirely. they will also be known to have different colour wraps with a different pattern and maybe even a scarf like object around the neck. During the festive season the Winterro will take a more festive arsenal of weaponry ranging from guns with lights on them and tasty meats. Also known to be good at guitar.


As I said before, Winterros disguise as other pyro species in many different ways but will always retain a part of their previous attire. Many different styles of the disguises have been found like pyrosharks with scarfs on and many more but some of these have not been linked to proper tf2-nimals as of yet.

How to.Edit

How to be a Winterro

You will need

1.Winter Wonderland Wrap (any style any colour)

2.Winter like hat ex. Tough Stuff Muffs (prefferably the same colour as the Wrap)

3 (optional). Scarf item or other festive item

You may use any pyro weapons and play like you would normally as a normal pyro, they like to disguise as them too!

But if playing friendly use and hold a lollichop.