Water hoovies are a species of aggressive heavies that live in the waters of 2fort. They are mainly seen eating their Sandviches. They have extremely sharp claws used to tear attackers and prey to shreds and massive jaws to eat their meals.


Water hoovies have very unpredictable behavioral patterns. They are often seen in groups of 3- 12 and will attack without mercy anything that steps into their waters. Water hoovies will attack in a frenzy if they spot prey or tespassers.


Water hoovies often prey on Pyrosharks and Spycrabs. They have a craving for Jellyneers and their coral. They use their claws and jaws to tear them apart.

Scientists are still researching these elusive creatures. This is hard because Water hoovies can detect movement from 30 feet away.

Required items:

Warrior's Spirit

Monstrous Mandible

K-9 Mane

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