Vitium Mus (Latin for mouse disease) is a recently discovered disease carried on RatScouts and Plague Ratscoots more specifically. It was discovered when Dr. Marxman noticed strange behavior in the lab RatScouts of his work. He immediately disected it and found out that it carries a harmful disease, which affects both humans and TF2-nimals. The Cure is currently being made. Due to the fact it has not infected mercenaries, the symptoms are unknown. RatScouts are to be avoided as they might have this disease. If you see one, kill it. Its extinction is not a problem and they are clearly overpopulating. Proper sanitizaction methods are being created to purify substances that have come into contact with these creatures.

Doctor Alan Grant has this page under investigation, as he is the original finder of the Plague Ratscoots.

Document seized by the Grantfare Corporation. Reason: Misinformation.

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