This is an extremely hostile creature mainly dwelling near your spawn or in very non secure areas. These species are too common and overpopulating majorly. The Vagineer is one of the most annoying species, it was once a real Engineer until it caught a virus known as Vago Morbus.

Behavior Edit

The Vagineer's behavior is truly extraordinary it is probably the most aggressive of all animals. The Vagineer is usually found on the BLU team camping the REDs spawn with only a wrench. The Vagineer rarely uses a sentry it mainly swallows other enemies whole or flogs them to death with only their wrench.
Vagineers The Documentary04:39

Vagineers The Documentary

Subspecies Edit

No subspecies due to the fact the average Vagineer shows no mercy for other subspecies of its kind.

Appearance Edit


The creatures are possibly the most ugly of them all, it has the normal body of an Engineer but the head is stretched and deformed completely. Something so strange is the baby takes form of an innocent Snailgineer then later on in life it takes form of an average Vagineer. There is no way of telling a baby Vagineer from a legit Snailgineer so stay on alert.

A herd of Vagineers herassing a scunt.

Requirements Edit

  • Any wrench (other than gunslinger) (preferably southern hospitality)
  • The Virus known as Vago Morbus

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