My name is Alan Lockworth. I am a man living in Gravity Falls, Oregon. I have a... hobby, I guess you could call it, about TF2nimals. Strange creatures that look like cartoony humans. I like to observe them, research them, and send my work to people like Scoot Labs or Grantfare. 

My obsession probably comes from my dad, Walahee Dooby. My father worked for RED, nearly sic years ago. He was a Spy, cloned from the original that's been lost to history. He fought in the Resource Wars, defending a mountain near Butt-In-Burg used for mining coal and plutonium. He retired when he was shot by a sniper in the groin, which paralyzed him. He was forced to use a wheel chair, so he moved to Kentucky where he fucked my mother. These creatures look just like him, and just like the others he fought with and against... 

This blog will be documenting my adventures in a Burger King I work at. Every once and a while, something cool happens and I get to witness stuff. Falls has lots of TF2nimals, as well, so I get to see them. 

Day 1

Attic Scouts


What I use for screenshots.