I have no idea why I thought I should have posted this. It's basically the Bouncer from Bioshock but not.

I stopped mid writing thinking "this sucks on ice". Probably going to finish it on my Scoot Labs wiki.

Here's what it was:

Beta series Pyros are a species of a mysterious docile race of protectors found in cp_overflow. They guard "Little Medics", or tiny grey medics. They were created by a mad scientist named "Doktor EvilEvil Medik", who was hunted by TFPD for 12 years until he was found dead after accidentally driving a hot dog stand off a cliff. They were presumably made to protect the Scootflower in the stomachs of Little Medics that could produce australium. 


The Alpha series have three moods:

  • Flamethrower: Friendly and protecting a Little Medic 
  • Shotgun: Friendly, and will usually wander around the map.
  • Melee: Hostile to humans.

They will protect Little Medics with their lives.