We have found a new species of Gravitelamo, in Turbine. We don't have much Intel, but the guys over there are saying it's nothing they've ever seen before.

They're preparing it for examination, and I will be the head researcher. Dr. Sentry of Fortress Laboratories, signing ou

​Update 1#

I went over with the research team to Turbine. Was a nasty sight. Turns out the thing they discovered ate all of them. Didn't have table manners, to say the least. We saw it run at us from a bush, and we ran for our lives. Jerry shot it at it with his shotgun, but the damn thing tore his faggum left off. Jesus. We hid in a dumpster, but we could hear the thing lookin' for us. We heard eating, so we presumed it was busy chowing down on ol' Jerrs so we high tailed it to the truck. We then shot the fuck out of it with our heavy turret. Gonna post the body tm.