Day 1, ??, ????

Personal Log: Went on an expedition to the famous Woodland park. Boxspies were spotted, alongside with a rare black-box Capsa Decipio. I observed its entire life cycle, including a migration. Results were great, although it did not show any of the aggressive alpha features. Meembirds and pyrosharks were also seen, and they appear to be in a territorial war. The pyrosharks appear to be winning due to their underwater resources (multiple veins of nutrients and natural electricity have been scanned using equipment), while the meembirds are still pushing on due to their ability to heal themselves over naturally and the rare "Bird of Healing" who sometimes has tremendous healing power. After flying around in my helicopter , I saw a box-spy in a winter habitat. The facility was snow-bound, so we went to have a closer look. Unfortunately, the speakerphones turned on and I was denied any entry access. Fin.