UO 006

Unknown Object 006

UNKNOWN OBJECT 006: With Many Perceptions. Perceptial Hazard

Description: Object Class: Unexplainable. UO-006 Appears as a rotting Pyro corpse with severe bruising at the head and extreme bodily decay, UO-006 is explained as a Fully rotting and sickly corpse with what seems to be a completely charred head. Anywhere above the neck is completely bone but not hollow, Muscle tissue and glands were found inside the skull. The brain was fully intact and jaw muscles were also intact showing few to no signs of decay, Security personal have reported seeing small white irises throughout holes in UO-006's body and even active bleeding although no signs of blood left are found.


Incident ##/#/##: UO-006 was shown in multiple positions during this time. Different positions were all dead-like positions, When nearly all personal were removed from UO-006's Chamber the last personal Reported seeing UO-006 stand up and walk around. This was not taken seriously but the personal commited suicide 3 days later.

Incident #/#/##: This incident was the event when UO-006 was found by the security team standing up and showing signs of life. Security personal all died from Seizure upon viewing UO-006, UO-006 has been found to have 15 Eyes that can see beyond human Perception. Including colors and even seeing through objects. Anyone viewing these will gain paranoia upon the first 10 seconds. The next 2 days personal will get paranoia and Schizophrenia. Soon resulting in lose of morale and sucide or murder.

AS OF #-#-## UO-006 has escaped containment and is currently on a rampage in 2FORT

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