A very docile creature having migrated from Toy Fort, the Tunnel Medic, or Pugnamedicus Cuniculus, lives in tunnels away from human activity, eating moss. The males are the only ones that go to the surface, and that is only to collect shiny trinkets to show off to potential mates. They are not particularly brave, their only instinct being to run, not fight, but they are not very fast; their legs seem to be in a permanent crouching postition.


As mentioned above, it originated from Toy Fort, so there is where it is most often found. The species is also found in 2fort, ctf_Sawmill, and any other places with tunnels. As a few of these tunnels have water in them as well, Pyrosharks often prey on Tunnel Medics, whose only protection is listed below.


As said in the first paragraph, the Tunnel Medic is extremely docile, and because of that and it's slowness, is thought to be quite dumb. However, it is actually quite smart. As they often generate excess energy from all the special moss they eat, their bodies convert that energy into healing beams and invulnerability, which they spring at the most opportune time, like when they are attacked, hence showing they are not as thick as one might think.

They are often helpful to Heavy-based creatures, so much that any Heavy creature - even Heavydiles - will leave them alone and protect them, even from creatures they'd usually get along with.


Like magpies, they do indeed love shiny things, adorning themselves with anything gold and shiny. In fact, sometimes their appendages they use for healing/ubers flash with lights they have scrounged from garbage bins and power with the energy in their body. The more shiny they are, the higher standing they have in their colony, and the more likely they are to attract mates.


  • Any shiny or gold painted hats/miscs
  • normal medi-gun