The Tulalupapa (also known as The Dummy) is a sniper tf2nimal and it is considered to be close to humans because it seems to have a language of its own, nicknamed furta vel de because these beings only appear around Halloween, but rarely show up on full moons, not much is know about them, except they sing in march to a tune in the language, however they also sing a song that when reversed is latin for multiple words ,some of witch nonsensical. But they also seem insulting people in this tounge, and an alpha makes fun of it's troops that march with it, along with telling them how much better he/she is better then the others. The march goes like this;

Tulapeetata Luppashah Tuleeluteffetah Tulalupapa Tulapeetata Luppashah Tuleeluteffetah Tulalupapa Tulapeetata Luppashah Tuleeluteffetah Tulalupapa

And the song they sing (mainly the commader) go like this in english (credit to momocashew from Youtube for showing me this addicting song which inspired this tf2nimal

Strawberry shortcakes
Banana chocolate crêpes
No matter how much you eat
You will always be empty
Espresso jelly
Sugar raisin cookies
You are dummies
All of these are unnecessary

"Nice to meet you, Mermaid"
"Aren't you over weight?"
"Why don't you get more in shape?"

"You're not important"
"Attention, please"
"All eyes on me and me only"
Protected by wooden shells
Living in a world all by yourselves
"There's only one God for us all"
"You are wrong and you should burn in Hell"
Given up your abilities to think
Saying all these words you don't understand

Dummies gathered
Vulgarly marching across the street
"Hey there, open up"
"Trick or treat?"

"You know that you have no talent"
"So stop wasting our oxygen"
"You'll never get as great as them"
"Did you even try to be a normal person?"
"All I have for you is disappointment"
"When can I raise my expectations?"
Covering my ears won't do anything
All your curses pierce through my skin

Is it my fault for feeling hurt?
Is it my fault for trusting you first?
Is it my fault that I heard your curse?
Is it my fault that I read your words?
You are only dummies without hearts
But your faces look exactly like ours
Again and again I try to buy
Your over-priced "constructive criticism"

Despite being incredibly insulting and rude, they sing the song in such and upbeat matter that some people cant seem to help and sing along. They were only discovered by the fact that after watching tapes of helltower while the mercs where battling for the gateway to hell, there were multible of these creatures marching in circles around a bottomless pit, singing this song.


Spiral sallet

Razorback (not required but prefered)

Hollowed Headcase (or any item that covers the face such as the doublecross comm)

Bazzar bargain or huntsman (compound works aswell)