The Trollmomen are a species of TF2nimals descended from Demolitione family


The Trollmomen are neutral, attacking only for food and if provoked with one exception, Trolldiers. It is seen that they are ancient enemies with Trolldiers, and will attack them on sight.

Attacking BehaviorEdit

When provoked or searching for food, the Trollmoman will deploy an unknown Explosive from a Bio-organic device that without any explanation, it doesn't harm anybody, it only knocks the Trollmomen. They also seem to have a Bio-Organic highly explosive Melee Device, once the Explosive Melee Device makes a blunt contact with the prey, it will explode, launching the Trollmomen into the air and highly damaging everything in it's radius


The Trolldiers and the Trollmomen attack each other everytime they enter their line of sight. It is unknown what causes their aggresivity towards each other.

Under-developed TrollmomenEdit

The Under-developed Trollmomen are similar with the original Trollmomen, but the only difference is that the launching device seems to actually damage everything in it's radius, rather than knocking back the Trollmoman

Items RequiredEdit

  • Any Primary Weapon
  • Sticky Jumper
  • Caber

For Under-developed Trollmomen:Edit

  • Any Primary Weapon
  • Any other secondary except Sticky Jumper, Splendid Screen and Chargin' Targe
  • Caber