• A Trolldier elegantly striding through the night sky.
  • A Trolldier striding elegantly through the night sky.

Trolldiers are extremely aggressive TF2-nimals, famous for their aerial attacks and aggressiveness. They are formidable opponents than love nothing more than to divebomb on unsuspecting prey, often killing them instantly.


Trolldiers decorate themselves with anything they can find; scarves, hats, helmets and the likes. They prefer brightly colored decorations. As a result, they are some of the most visually impressive TF2-nimals.

The other characteristic trait of the Trolldier is it's ruthlessness. They are well known dangers in the sky that frequently drop on unsuspecting mercenaries and other Trolldiers. Two Trolldiers will frequently duel to determine who is stronger.


  • Rocket Jumper
  • Mantreads
  • Market Gardener

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