These engineers have been around for hundreds of years. Even from the TF2 Ice Age.... There are few differences from the Turtle Engie & the Tortoigineer


Very few TF2 players have seen Tortoigineers, but they address them as large creatures similar to Turtle Engies that inhabit swamps and are aggressive to the other team. Their extinction is said by overhunting by F2P scouts and some of the civilized F2P Scouts say: they were weird, like turtles but they would kill anything coming too close. One could take on 3 Pyrosharks


Many species of Tortoigineer were told by the Old TF2 Players. Recently on the workshop a fossil of a shell that shows they could of evolved from the Mindless Marionimal: The Greenshell Koopa. The turtle engie population was usually destroyed by these animals. Bones suggest an ancient prehistoric land Tortoigineer lived and was4x the size of regular fossils. Said to dominate the swamplands. Similarities to Turtle Engies start to trail off when you realize this Tortoin was carnivorous. Eating scouticanths.

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