Below: a somesnapshot from the live feed Dr.Poof set up

The nest at Hydro

 The nest at hyrdo, one of the only know accounts of living near a Black spyderEdit

The following audio recordings were found on the outskirts of Hydro shortly after the dissapearence of the acclaimed scientist Dr Poof f

this section is still a work in progress, please feel free to add anymore accounts of Black Spyders

6 July 1995: As we headed into the abandoned wastland know as Hydro (we believe Black Spyders make nests in abandoned maps) we saw a pootis bird land on a branch up on high. But as soon as we looked away we heard a faint "POOOOOoooot!" and when we looked back there was nothing. What happened does not matter, we are not looking for pootis birds. We are hunting a different creature, the Black Spyder. *end of recording*

7 July 1995: Camp has been set up on Control Point A, Last night we heard something inside the caves so we sent a group of Five to check out the noise. We have equipped them with tranque guns and cameras connected to a live feed on the screen. will resume when further information has been gathered.*end of recording*

7 July 1995: Inside the caves the cameras lost signal, thankfully the mic's did not, they are to stick together and document everything they, all seems to be fine except...except antons mic went dead an hour ago, the group have not seen him for an hour. But we musn't tell the group; such things would discourage them and make them panicky, I have informed them he had a case of sunstroke and had to go back to the city.*end of recording*

8 July 1995: Anton...anton's feed came back online, He would appear to down some kind of hole. there are strange creatures scuttling around in the darkness. The entire expedition group has gone missing, only those back at base camp are left.

*Dr. Poof appears to break down crying*

What have I done? This wasn't just a single Spyder here, it was...a nest, hundreds, maybe thousands of them. What do i tell their families? their wives...their children. If...if i d-dont make it out of here, tell the world to leave this place be, to seal it off from the rest of the world and leave it to rot.*end of recording*

9-12 July 1995: *multiple faint screams can be heard from outside Dr Poof's tent. Sounds of hissing of spitting can be heard with a distinct one growing closer, the audio recorder is picked up by what can only be assumed is a Black Spyder and sounds of rushing wind can be heard implying the device has been thrown as the screams grow quieter as the device travels further. the rest of the tape is what can be assumed is the recorder lying on the ground with the occasional pootis bird flying by*

*end of recording*