The Heavy Constrictor is a unique species of Heavy as most snake species will usually be found in the spy species. It only habitat is in the Mann Power continent, as in any other continent he will dry out and die.

The heavy constrictor is a fierce predator, and will never be friendly unless his hunger has been sated. He has also been shown to be capable of extreme accuracy, and will almost always hit their target. Their main method of attack is to use their spiked tongue to latch on to their prey, and strangle them until their organs are crushed and they die. After killing their prey, the Heavy Constrictor will be sent into a mad blood lust, killing everyone with extraordinary speed and power.

Another thing to note about the Constrictor is that they are asexual, and do not breed. When a young ling is born, he has not developed the spike on his tongue, and is forced to scavenge for food.

Will attack:

Shpees and Spycrabs.



All insects

Will not attack:

Flying scoots ( They use them for a ride)

Pyrosharks (Tongue won't work underwater)

Heavy bears (Too powerful)

Anything supernatural.

Required items: Edit

Any Mini gun (Do not use this)

Buffalo steak sandvich or normal sandvich (buffalo steak preferred)

Killing gloves of boxing.

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