[OUT DATED INFORMATION] The Alien Invasion is an event that has not yet happened but has been speculated by many unknown sources. Unidentified Flying Objects are starting to appear and many mercenaries, speculators and conspirators alike say it will be a horrific event. [OUT DATED] One such theory created by Plhype, a friendly survival activist, states that the first battle shall take place on moon base, during Halloween by Extra-Terrestrial Pyro Tf2nimals. Another battle shall take place in a run down carnival owned by a local wizard of the name Merasmus, this time by the infamous Xenoscouts. Rumours also say that Mann Manor will be attacked from the aliens apparently due to an attack schedule oversight. It has now been proven that a battle will take place in the local area 2fort.There have been UFO sightings in places like sp_doomsday, doublecross, coaltown, dustbowl and other places. Beware, and be afraid.

The battle has started in 2fort, Destroying its RED Mercenaries, and their base, which is now occupied by the alien menace, BLU base has set on lockdown, for cleaning up the radioactive substance that the aliens left behind from their invasion. Blu mercenaries in 2fort are trying to steal the new digitalized intelligence from the extraterrestrial enemy to see what their next move is. They are now taking over PD_ Watergate, a harbor owned by Mann co. leading into the Atlantic ocean. They are striving to do so because if they take over the harbor shipments of weapons to our military will stop, thus slowly making our weapons wear out, rendering them useless, but luckily, the UFO attacking Watergate, has a weakness, That weakness is alcohol. This because the alcohol combusts when it comes in contact with the interior of the UFO. For now, all we can do is use our most powerful weapons against the menace (including alcohol) to thwart them back to their planet. We have obtained crates that hold weapons and cosmetics, Which could hint that Mann co. is working with intergalactic business.

Pyroshark Threat Edit

Because the aliens have taken over most of the oceans and its seas. They use our sea to mine oil and convert it into their odd extraterrestrial substance that works as fuel for their technology. But because of many UFOs crashing down into the ocean has caused spills of their fuel and studies show that it is poisonous to pyrosharks and would kill most of the pyrosharks living their. But luckily because of the crisis before the invasion which was solved by scoots and Dr Marxmans proposal to help the Pyrosharks which required relocation, has saved the species. *Sighs of Relief*

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