The Scoutfly. Edit

The Winter Scoutfly is a sort of scout that hones the ability to fly around. As the name implies, the Scoutfly lives in the cold, more specifically, cp_coldfront and a train station in Russia. This discovery was made by Portable Toaster.

The Winter Scoutfly's behavior . Edit

The Scoutfly is a menace to humans, as they will fly around them shouting phrases such as "Need a dispenser here," and "Yo, are you even tryin?". The Scoutfly will travel in groups if possible. They won't attack humans however, no matter how much of a threat they are. It has been observed that they will attack other tf2nimals though. The Scoutfly is annoying to their own kind sometimes, and this usually follows up with a duel. After the duel is over, the victor has bragging rights over the other. Sometimes, the Alpha will duel the other males for leadership. These duels are actually initiated by the alpha, as it looks for a contender to take over.

The Winter Scoutfly's Life Cycle Edit

A Scoutfly begins its life as a maggot, looking like a spy instead of a spy. It has its hat from birth, and it will keep it untill they die. They take a few hours to mature, thatss when they take their scout form. In the adolescence stage, they have nothing but their hat. The adolescence Scoutfly is by far, the most annoying. They will stay adolescence until around 4-5 years. In their adult stage, they have a fast learner along with their hat. They start to calm down and mate, although still annoying to humans. Some lucky males may take on the role as the Alpha, and then they aquiree their Breakneck Baggies. The alpha does the most mating, and this, my friends, is the Scoutfly lifecycle.

The Scoutfly's appearance. Edit

Baby Scoutfly- Tough Style Muffs, Dead of Night, Spy

Adolesence Scoutfly- Tough Style Muffs, Scout

Adult Scoutfly- Tough Style Muffs, Fast Learner, Scout

Adult Female Scoutfly- Hero's tail, Fast learner, scout

Alpha Scoutfly- Tough Style Muffs, Fast Learner, Breakneck Baggies, Scout

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