The Stinging WolfScunt Edit

Reported by: BeeMallard

The Stinging WolfScunt is a very endangered species of Scout. It tends to run around for a run up, before flying away, above most species of Land Hoovy. It also stings and paralyses viciously. It has 2 different projectiles that inject poison.

Behaviour Edit

The Behaviour of The Stinging WolfScunt is very varied. It can be very viscous at times, running around and shooting lots of little sting bullets out of it's sting. There are 3 stages in it's attack, not in order. The Run- Up (very vulnerable during that time) The Flying Stage (Impossible to hit) The Bonk (paralyses prey from distance) The Sting (Throws Sting at pray) The Blast (When it blasts hundreds of tiny stings off of one arm to finish off prey) The Second Run- Up (Very Vulnerable during that time, but very useful to avoid Snipers. Sometimes Skips this step all together) The Flying Escape (The Final stage). There is also a variant that can only sting, but can sting twice as fast.

There are different Types of attack, and they often only attack lone animals. Sometimes this can be invaluable in some matches, attacking any advancing troops.

However, these creatures can be very friendly and socibal, flying about and playing around with it's paralysing projectile. Don't attack them while playing. It may appear to run away, but it will come back and not give in, sometimes resulting in their death.

These creatures do not approach water.

There is also the Medic WolfScunt, the female veriaty, with Mad Milk from it's belly that heals other WolfScunts, and a weaker, longer ranged sting that can only be used once every 30 minutes (Not acually True in gameplay, but makes sence)

Looks Edit

They have a special eye development thing, that turns their eyes yellow. They also have a band around their heads, Showing that they are a wasp.

Others Edit

They often target mating animals, and also mate themselves in high places. You will never see a Stining WolfScunt Mating on the ground.

Prey Edit

The title (lone) means that SWS hunt these creatures on their own. (Ambush) means the SWS's ambush this creature.

Potatoheads (lone)

Squid Scouts (Ambush and Lone)

Solroids (For oil) (lone)

Rare Solider Pengiuns (lone)

Crippled Soldiers (lone)

Parrot Soldiers


Most other Scout Species



HeavyBears (ambush) (lone)

Heavy Turtle (ambush)

Most Spy Species


Piss Owls

Sniper owls

Most engineer Species



Predators Edit

Most underwater creatures

Most Pyro Creatures

Some Hoovy Species

Requirements Edit

Soda Popper

Flying Guillotine, or Mad Milk

Sandman, or Wrap Assassin

Deus Specs

Front runner

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