The Spyshark is an elusive species thought once extinct, which is essentially a Decipio version of the infamous Pyroshark.

The Spyshark Edit

The common Spyshark shares traits with it's pyro counterpart. For one, they're both water-bound creatures known to be aggressive. However, the Spyshark does not have the ability to make an electric jolt on its own, like the Pyroshark can do. Instead, it uses stealth tactics to attempt to reach it's targets back so it can plunge a sharp tooth into the spine, killing it instantly. This allows the Spyshark to generate volts to shoot out whenever threatened by a predator.

Much like the Pyroshark, there have been a vast majority of Spyshark sub-species, however we have found only one considering the horrifyingly low numbers of the species. The Pyroshark hunts the Spyshark, adding more irony to this creature.

Behaviour Edit

The typical behaviour the Spyshark is known to be at most times is aggressive to a point. Spysharks will usually hide to wait for prey, completely submerging itself in water only rising up to catch air particles into it's gills, clearing it out so it can breathe water. This breathing irregularity is the only flaw in the otherwise cunning trap the Spyshark employs. Once the Spyshark locks onto a target, it will come out of hiding and quickly stab the backside of the prey. The electrical sparks Pyrosharks can utilize is similar to what Spysharks can do, but with a few differences. Most noticeably, Spysharks shoot out the voltage in short rapid bursts from a gland on the limbs, instead of using their fins to deliver the shock. Spysharks can also not create the volts by themselves, relying on materializing energy obtained from food to convert into the electrical payload. The hypnotic effect from Jellyneers also does not affect them, allowing them to feed off the coral the Jellyneers produce.

Although the Spyshark is aggressive, they can ignore creatures on a certain criteria. Spysharks, for example, will not eat their own. If a predator passes by without attacking, the Spyshark will not come out of hiding. We don't know what makes a Spyshark tick and what does not, but we will look into this.

Appearance Edit

No photographic evidence has been produced at this point of time, but we have rumors that the Spyshark has a flap of cartridge on top of the head. This is all we have, more will be posted as time goes by.

Required Items Edit

-The Diamondback

-Stock Sapper

-Any Knife except YER/WangaP (Sharp Dresser preferred but optional)

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