The SpenguinEdit

  • This Creature was found by The Arctic Marine Biologist Dr. HeavySamuraiGuy while he was looking for one of his radio's outside of his camp.The Spenguin is for the most part friendly except for  when he feels threatened. One of my associates was stabbed because the wild spenguin was cornered. After he was stabbed we noticed that his arm was frozen.
  • The Dr.s' on this exploration were Dr. HeavySamuraiGuy, Dr. Metal Something, and Dr. Captain Sp00ky

The Spenguin GearEdit

    The Baby Spenguin Edit

  • Has The Spy-cicle
  • Has no hat or Gibus
  • Has default Revolver

    The Adolecent Spenguin Edit

  • Has the Spy-cicle
  • Has the Gibus
  • May Have Dr. Whoa or The Tuxxy
  • Has revolver

    The Adult SpenguinEdit

  • Has Spy-cicle
  • May have the Tipped lid or Counterfeit Billycock
  • Has The Enforcer/May have The Ambassador
  • May have The Cloak And Dagger or The Dead Ringer
  • Has Dr. Whoa or The Tuxxy

     The Elder SpenguinEdit

  • Has Spy-cicle
  • Has Tipped lid or Counterfeit Billycock
  • Has Enforcer/Ambassador
  • Has Cloak And Dagger/The Dead Ringer
  • Has Dr. Whoa/The Tuxxy

The Spenguin's HabitatEdit

  • Mostly is inhabited in Snowplow,Barn Blitz,and Coldfront
  • It has also been spotted in Mountain lab and Viaduct

Behavior Edit

  • The spenguin is a very calm creature for the most part, rarely will it go out and kill another.
  • Spenguin will defend its nest as well as its young.
  • The two true enemy's of the spenguin is the pyroshark and the spyshark most other animals seem to leave the spenguin alone(this is all the information we have observed future updates will be made as out work progresses).

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