First Discovered by Professor Aloumus on his observation journey, the Snailper is a mostly friendly creature, but when threatened, it can release a deadly venom that can kill most species. The Snailper is often found around bodies of water, dark areas, but can sometimes follow prey to deserts or mountains, and will change with its environment. Here is a Snailper Standing up to its full height to scare a opponent.


The Desert Snailper: Also known as the Dustslug, this snailper is brown and resistant to heat. It also is slowest of all the Snailper Subspecies.


The Mountain Snailper: AKA the Sniperleech, It is the fastest of the Snailpers, and can go around 4 MPH at top speed. It is found usually sticking to a mountain wall like a leech, hence its name.

The Water Snailper: The most common of the Snailpers, This creature is usually found underwater in seaweed, but can also go on land for a short time. This Snailper is extremely fast in the water, being able to outswim the Sniperdile, yet on land it is slow and easy prey for the Sniperdile, its natural Predator.

To Become One:

The Classic (Full charge and crouch)

(Optional) Jarate or Variants of Jarate

(Optional) Bushwaka

(Optional) Alien Swarm Parasite