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The Skulled Solican in ctf_convoy

The Skulled Solican was discovered by Shaohs, The [Insert Random Title Here].

The Skulled Solican is a rare TF2-Nimal. Only one is known to exist in the TF2 Universe.


The Skulled Solican is known to live in Deserts. But if it catches sight of an engineer, it will fly towards it no matter where it takes it. The Solican's skin protects it from all kinds of weather.


The Solican's main diet includes Human Blood and Engineers. But it will only feast if they are prekilled. To protect it self from predators, the Solican will use the "Explosive Pellets" on its chest to kill everything and everyone near by (See Kamakaze Taunt). This is all that is known of the Skulled Solican.

Portable Toaster working on info Edit

Despite many accusations of there being one of the species, Portable Toaster will look into this species alongside other chosen creatures. If you have any info, please contact Portable Toaster ASAP.

Cosmetic RequirementsEdit

Manneater (Hat)

Rocket Jumper

Escape Plan