250px-Hanger-On Hood

A smirking Scout Mite without a weapon.

The Scout Mite is a very interesting yet aggressive creature hunted for its antenna.


The Scout Mite hunts seemingly every creature known TF2nimal excluding the Spycrab. However, it is hunted by hunters, the Shovider, Sniperdiles, and rarely, Pyrosharks. They hunt in groups of three or more, meaning if in a group of three, if one disbands, they all disband. However, if in a group of six, half might disband to make another group. While they are hunting, they will crouch in a small circle and start hitting in a small area surrounding the prey, making it nearly impossible to escape. Since they are so fast, they will try to flank their prey in order to confuse it before killing it. They will often spare Heavy Bears in order to make as hunting partners.

Required Items:Edit

A default melee item (ham, bat, pan, Ect)

Hanger-On Hood(Preferred)