"Grrr.....GRAHHHHHHHHHHH"~A Wild Rabid Heavy

Rabid Heavy

What is a Rabid Heavy? Edit

A Rabid Heavy is one of the most fearsome creatures out there in the TF2-nimal species, they can kill anyone whoever, whenever. But here is the catch, it is really going to sound wired, what I am about to say. It is (rarely) tamable. And, yes we do have "video" proof it should be around in the middle of the page. Here is a picture of one, might be dark but you can get the idea though. When you see one face to face don't think it will not hurt you, beacuse once your around his danger range (18ft) he will slaughter you, so be VERY cautious. One last thing, being scary like that is not the only perk, he has claws 3x as strong as a bear. Not sure why but it can withstand a minigun firing at him for 2 minutes, same thing goes with rocket launchers. They are more fast than expected, nearly as fast as a scout, don't think that melee is the only way or fire, it can withstand that also. And no we don't know how in the world the tamer, tamed this beast.

Rabid Heavies Load out Edit

Class: Heavy | Weapons (You need): Warrior's Spirit, Buffalo Steak Sandvich | Miscs/Hats: Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul, K-9 Mane |

Video Proof Of Tamed Rabid Heavy And Legendary Tamer Edit

Meet the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer06:37

Meet the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer

[More coming soon...]

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