Parahoovies (Sometimes known as "Umbrella Heavies") are a rare and endangered species of the Gravitelamo genus. They are often hunted and brutally massacred so that the parasols atop their heads can be harvested and used for the production of umbrellas. Parahoovies are now classified as a protected species and a ban has been placed on poaching.


Appearance Edit

Parahoovies generally look indifferent from most fashionably dressed mercenaries, with the exception of a parasol or umbrella sprouting from atop their head. This parasol varies in color, and can expand or collapse upon necessity.

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Core Behaviors Edit

The Parahoovy is a generally docile creature that has little to no mean for harm under normal circumstances. However, a very common behavior for one to playfully hit another creature or mercenary and then run away as fast as they can. They do not mean harm and are often willing to pass a sandwich to whomever they may have caused distress to. Aside from with frequent playfulness, they are also very well known for making strange noises. These primarily consist of quacking, yelling, shrieking, and other unusual noises made by the diaphragm.

Diet Edit

The Parahoovy's diet mainly consists of sandwiches and occasionally paper. The latter should not be questioned, Parahoovies are very sensitive about this topic. It is theorized that the fiber from the paper is used to strengthen the parasols atop their heads. Aside from their fiber-based desires, the Parahoovy is extremely fond of sandwiches. Unfortunately, this fondness is often exploited to aid illegal poaching.

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