The P-eye-ro is a formerly thought mythical creature. It is known to resemble a rock pyro and is believed by some to just be a mutation. They are known to live deep underground, thus making them hard to come across.

Appearance Edit

The P-eye-ro is known to be very similar to the rock pyro, the only differences being its far more hostile nature, intelligence, and large eye in place of it's head. Other than this, the p-eye-ro resembles the rock pyro in every way.

Abilities Edit

Many of the abilities belonging to the P-eye-ro are similar to those of the common rock pyro. However, these are far more powerful.

  • Claws: the claws have the same strength as an average fire axe. They are red and white, glowing yellow around the edges.
  • Fireball: like some other Ignus species, the P-eye-ro can launch small balls of fire from its palms. Wether they vary in each individual is unknown, but still possible.
  • Eyesight: the P-eye-ro has superb eyesight fit for subterranean life.
  • Spontaneous combustion: upon closer analyzation, the P-eye-ro seems to have a round organ on the right side of its chest. From other unrelated species with the similar organ, it is theorized that it allows the P-eye-ro to spontaneously combust. Why it would do this is unknown.
  • Memory: the memory of a P-eye-ro can be compared to that of a computer. each one can remember how many kills it has, it's birthplace, etc.
  • Communication: the P-eye-ro communicates through loud strumming, similarly to an electric guitar.

Behavior Edit

The P-eye-ro can be extremely hostile, attacking any living creature it sees. All except for a selected few which it takes a special liking to. Ancient badlandians believed that it's enormous eye could peer deep into your soul, and only chooses one with a pure heart. this could explain why the casualties of the P-eye-ro are more commonly seen as human and tf2-nimals the ages of 14 and older.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

  • the one person or creature it has affection for: this current creature is a breadgineer named Markenson

Enemies Edit

  • everyone else: the P-eye-ro is hostile to any other tf2-nimals and people. it is especially hostile to members of the poeliomedic family and whomever they heal.

Skips Edit

Skips is the first and only recorded P-eye-ro up to date. He was originally found in an abandoned quarry deep under the badlands (ctf_quarry). Currently living with him is Markenson, a breadgineer which skips has great affection for. Markenson is currently the only one doing fieldwork on Skips, as anyone else would be put in great danger. The Foundation for Endangered Mythological Creatures (FEMC) is accepting funds and equipment in order to attempt finding a mate for skips in order for the P-eye-ros to repopulate.

To Be One Edit

  • Monoculus!
  • Bombinomicon
  • any flare gun
  • third degree (strange quality for kill count. Optional but preferred)

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