The Giant Creature Of The Deep is a terrifying mythical creature said to live deep in the heart of the Great Ocean. It is said to swim around, devouring whole PyroShark nests, and Theorists believe they are the reason for the extinction of thousands of species. Millions of hunters seek out this beast to capture it and make great amounts of money for it.

The Great Search Edit

There is currently a massive search into the deep waters of the map Vikings. Divers and Scientists have been searching for almost a month, to many a person's ridicule. Other Scientists are looking down on this project with scorn, saying it will never succeed, and if it does, it will result in death.

The Great Breakthrough Edit

One Diver spotted a Gigantic Creature going into a cave and snapped a picture of it. Sadly, it remains Top Secret.

The Creature As Leviathan Edit

Dr. Marxman interviewed the "prophet" HoodBeard. Eventually, the topic of the creature came up. These words were exchanged:

MXMN (Marxman): So, with all this prophetic imagery and talk, you must have at least heard of the giant creature that lives in the sea of Vikings.

HB (HoodBeard): Leviathan, yes.

MXMN: Leviathan? What do you mean?

HB: GabeN has sent it for much reason. It is merely a sign of the end. Do not disturb it if you enjoy the gift of life.

MXMN: It is merely science. No imagery required. We need evidence of its existence, at least. We will find out about it, or die trying.

HB: I am warning you. It is not worth the loss of many great minds. Its time will come. THE TIME will come.