Mmmph! -A Fyroman. Edit

The Fyroman (not to be confused with the Fyreman, a different but very similar creature) is a pyro that has the Fire Helm, and sometimes the Blazing Bull. These pyros will extinguish any ally on fire, and will set fire to potential threat. They will hesitate if threatened, but if provoked too much, they will attack. The Fyroman will perform a sort of dance when in a group, raising their flamethrowers in the air. The Fyromen are at war with the CP3-Port-Toases, since the beginning of time.

The Regular Fyroman. Edit

Not to be confused with the Fyreman, a very similar creature, the Fyroman has a fire brigade sort of appendage on its head. It also has horns coming out where its eyes should be, suggesting that they are blind. More research is to be worked on, but bioligists have pointed out that their smelling sense is very good, specificlely to smell burnt objects. They are usually friendly creatures, and will hesitate when given the chance to attack, except if the threat is a CP3-Port-Toas, which in that case, they will charge through any danger just to kill it. Besides the CP3-Port-Toas, they don't like Sewer Medics, as they usually go into their domains to collect water. Studies have shown that they have saved historical buildings, but at other times, burnt them to the ground.

The TeuFort Fyroman.Edit

This Fyroman has never, ever burnt a single thing for destruction purposes, ever, in its entire existance. The TeuFort Fyroman is extremley docile, and wont even attack CP3-Port-Toases, as they used to have close relations with the TeuFort Port-Toas. Both the Teufort species share the same abilities, however, the CP3-Port-Toas version has become extinct. The TeuFort Fyroman has a Blizzard Breather instead of the Blazing Bull. In a way, the TeuFort Fyromen are the real firemen in this world.

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