The rare and near extinction Democrab, is almost never seen.  It is even closer to extinction than the infamous Spycrab, and more obscure.  From the few preserved corpses found in it's natural cold habitats, such as cp_coldfront or pl_Barnblitz, it has been shown to be a far cousin to the Spycrab.  Although they are both descendants of one TF2nimal of unknown nature, they have many different features, diets, and personalities.

--Diet of the Democrab--

    Democrabs typically hunt Spycrabs and Hoovies. The Hoovy has lots of meat for the Democrab to eat.  Their hunting strategy consists of charging at the enemy and violently biting and scratching their prey until they die. The main predator of the Democrab is the Pyroshark. They have no defense against the Pyroshark and their neon annihilator, leading to their death.

--How to recognize a Democrab--

    The Democrab will always be recognizable by their crouching position and their frying pan.  Unlike the Spycrab, Democrabs are very territorial.  They also do not need to be facing permanently upward like the Spycrab.  If you get too close to a Democrab, it will begin to attack, as it sees other classes as threats.  Although they have a pan, they never use it for making civilized meals, as the pan is part of their body.  A common mistake by many novice TF2nimal watchers, is that they confuse the Democrab for the Demopan. Never make this mistake, as most Democrabs take this personally and will attack swiftly.  Unfortunately, any attempts to photograph the Democrab in it's natural habitat have resulted in any of the following;

- Serious maiming - Extreme blood loss - Fractured bones of any type - PTSD - Death - or all of the above at once