The remains of 2fort before the rebuild

The 2fort Massacre is an Event that destroyed 2fort.

What HappenedEdit

It was a peaceful day in 2fort, but then a Gibus player appeared, everyone ignored it, until the Gibus called a group of Gibus players and destroyed everything in their path. As the Gibus horde attacked, players panicked, and ran in all directions, tried to hide and other shit, the spies cloaked, but to no avail, for the Gibus Pyros found them easily enough, blood was everywhere, bodies, charred, and bloody covered all of map, 2fort was once a fine Trading hub. All of thework of the ancient ProofofPurchaseEngineers was destroyed. The Gibus left, after the total destruction, pillaging of the city, & raping of FemClasses, but they had non horde players picking through the rubble, finding hats, scrap & other important items, many survivors where found, though most where left to die of their wounds, the others died on the way to medical care.


2fort was destroyed but then shortly rebuilded by engineers. But because of the smoke produced, the farmlands were poisoned, and then leaded to starvation of the 2fort community. But 2Fort, the once great trading hub, was left in shambles turning it into a nightmare for all players, now only war is present in 2Fort, the great atone towers where destroyed, the Gaben statues, melted down for scrap, & the whorehouses pillaged, whores raped, & killed, this is proof, of the horror Gaben punished us with, for we did not buy that 75% off game, and he sent down his demons to damn us for all eternity!

2Firt before the attack


The only Survivor left was a mysterious man, whose codename is "The Unknown".

It looks like he dropped a page of the journal, and that he wants to be called "The Unknown".

He never said his real name in any of the records.

Here's what was written on the page:

"Today, at ctf_2fort, I saw a Gibus player. I was laughing at him as he failed to even swim! But then the massacre begun...The Gibus Player called his friends, and they rampaged 2fort... They aren't weak and small-brained...They are monsters that will deceive everyone, and when we wouldn't expect, they will kill us... Good thing I found a hiding spot when the Massacre begun..."

-The Journal of the Unknown, page 54

Almost all of "The Unknown"'s diary was burnt and unreadable, though translation may be possible, no one still knows who "The Unknown" is to this day.

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