The abomination sucking the soul of our photographer with its eyes.

Ignus horribilis (colloquially referred to as "a pants-shittingly terrifying abomination from the depths of hell" and other variations of that) is a "creature" that has been seen roaming the lands of LazyPurple Silly Server and scaring the bajeezus-in-a-baskets out of innocent bystanders. It has been hypothesized that this unholy god-forsaken abomination came from Hell, Double Hell, or an alternate universe where all people are like this. Extensive funding and lobbying has been done to prevent any and all research regarding alternate universes and transdimensional travel on the off-chance that there does exist an alternate universe where things like this exist everywhere.


The Terrifying Abomination(that's what we're going to call it until we can find a sufficiently spooky sounding name) typically roams in places such as around corners, the insides of your closet, and under your bed. Of course, these are merely conjectures because these things are probably everywhere and waiting to eat your flesh.


The Terrifying Abomination is similar to the Hunchbackgineer but ranks significantly higher on the Spook-o-meter Scale, and it may have even come from the same origin as it. The Terrifying Abomination has loose and tattered flaps of leather-like skin covering the exposed flesh of its head and its pure black eyes. Experiments consisting of terrified teenage girls slowly approaching it and shining a flashlight on its face have shown that its eyes absorb light like a black hole and maybe souls too since those aforementioned teenage girls never came back from the experiment. On the creature's back is a container of some sort made of a hard shell, and several skulls of a variety of animals can be seen attached to it. When angered, this scary piece of fuck has perforations in its skin that allow it to rapidly spew out fire and instantaneously kill any poor creature that happens to be nearby. Its claws are covered in hard poisonous thorns, which allow it to quickly finish off any target which it has failed to kill with its fire. Members of the Biologist Team have also suggested that this creature has some sort of gland inside it that produces pure unadulterated spook, and this seems very likely considering just how fucktoodling terrifying this thing is.

Item RequirementsEdit

- Winter Wonderland Wrap

- Executioner (Painted Dark Salmon)

- Coffin Kit (optional)

- Rainblower (optional)

- Axtinguisher