Here we will be discovering the strange world of TF2-mon. They seem to be quite rare, and only one species is known to exist at the moment, which is a member of the Scopus Section of the TF2-mon.


There appear to be 9 sections, if my calculations are correct. Usually, people just call them the class with -mon on the end, but they have official names. Currently one has an official name.


Scopus holds one of the TF2-mon, one of the only documented species in existence. The Snipikarp. "OF COURSE THE ONLY ONE WE KNOW IS THE USELESS ONE! however, it appears there is an evolution called Bushwhackdos. This was documented by our insane biologist, or at least crazy biologist, Rodney. More research will be included shortly.

Snipikarp Documents

We will find more TF2-nimals soon.Edit

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