This is a non role play species.

Object #: 003

Object Class: Tryhard

Special Containment Procedures:

TF2-003 is to be kept in a heavy containment chamber in the original Scoot Labs facility. TF2-003 is allowed to be free to roam the facility, but with his weapons confiscated. In the event of a K-Class event or a containment breach, TF2-003 is to be dispatched to the area along with a special taskforce following him.

TF2-003 is to be fed a diet of macaroni and cheese, ale, pyroshark meat, and buffalo steak sandviches.


TF2-003 is a healthy male Heavy, wearing a horned iron helmet. TF2-003's anomalous power occurs when TF2-003 is provoked. He shouts the words "Fus Ro Mann", which can send over 900 sandwiches over a cliff.

TF2-003 claims to be from a place with dragons and magic, and that he's a companion of the "Dragonborn".  

TF2-003 seems to enjoy the company of Scoot Labs, and has helped us several times. He is allowed to wander the facility and chat with staff. In the event of a K-class event, TF2-003 is to be sent to help.

TF2-003-B ArtifactsEdit

Note: Items are to be stored in Prof. Scoot's office. 

Items from TF2-003's backpack:

  • A bar of an unknown mineral, appearing to look like gold. TF2-003 claims this to be a "Dwemer bar"
  • A curved sword
  • A sweet roll
  • A chunk of a green mineral, "Orichalcum"
  • Another chunk of ore, known as "Stalhrim"
  • A map of "Tamriel", aka TF2-003-B.
  • A white bar of an element from TF2-003-B, or "Moonstone"
  • A heart that is not from a human, TF2-003 claiming it to be a "Daedric" heart.
  • A leather sack of golden coins
  • A book named "The Lusty Argonian Maid". TF2-003 is not comfortable with others touching it.
  • A collection of books telling the history of Tamriel. Only TF-55's can have access to said books.
  • The skull of a "Falmer"
  • A "soul gem"

Portal to TF2-003-BEdit

All attempts have resulted in research teams losing contact, or failure. Research teams were sent to a modern nuclear aftermath wasteland on several occasions. Attempts are ongoing.

Attempts have been made with both TF2-003's spellbooks and a man made portal. And shooting a portal gun in the direction of TF2-003-B in space.

Interrogation LogsEdit

Log #1Edit

Dr. Pootis Mann: Hello, TF2-003.

TF2-003: Aye, my name is [REDACTED]

Dr. Pootis Mann: Okay, [REDACTED]....What did you do in TF2-003-B?

TF2-003: Where?

Dr. Pootis Mann: Nirn. Or Tamriel.

TF2-003: I was an adventurer, an assassin, a thief and a proud Stormcloak.

Dr. Pootis Mann: 'Stormcloak'?

TF2-003: A rebellion run by Ulfric Stormcloak to rid Skyrim of the Imperial menace!

Dr. Pootis Mann: Okay, thank you. Who and or what is the "Dragonborn"?



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