item #: TF2-002

Object Class: Tryhard/Friendly

Special Containment ProceduresEdit

TF2-002-B-5 is to be kept in a heavy containment chamber located in the deep underground of Site-1. TF2-002's chamber is not to be opened under any circumstances. If TF2-002 breaches containment, Site-3 will launch seven nuclear warheads to destroy the area to stop TF2-002 from harming the public.

The can is to be placed in Level 10 storage. Non hostile specimens are to be frozen in cyrostorage, unless a guard or researcher owns it as a pet.


TF2-002 is a [REDACTED] of Ignus. TF2-002 specimens range to different sizes, some small, some the size of the moon. 

TF2-002 itself it a blue can labeled "Dr. Pootis' Pyro in a Can! (JUST ADD WATER!)". The back of the can reads: "Simply put one of your Special Dr. Pootis Happy Fun time Egg into a small cup of water, caustic soda, a packet of Pootis Dust™, stir and microwave on high for 15 seconds! Take it out, let cool for 8 minutes, and watch the eggs hatch! WARNING: DO NOT LET HEAT FOR OVER 15 SECONDS. DR. POOTIS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES OR DEATHS CAUSED BY PYRO EGGS. DO NOT SWALLOW. THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING FROM DR. POOTIS."

The ingredients on the back of the can are all blacked out with a crayon, that strangely cannot be removed. Inside the can are 92 white eggs. When the instructions are followed, TF2-002 eggs will hatch into TF2-002-B. TF2-002-B are creatures with organic gas masks (that proved undestroyable) with a fire-proof suit. They hatch with small, squishy flamethrowers, ranging from the Backburner to the Phlog. The powers of TF2-002-B change according to environment. Most specimens are non-hostile and only use weaponry for self defense.

First Test Document
2fort, Winter TF2-002-B-1 had a blue suit and a stock flamethrower that could freeze instead of burn. TF2-002-B proved impossible to kill by the cold
Trade Minecraft coasts, under water TF2-002-B-2 had a blue suit and the Powerjack, and the Phlog. Object had gills on mask and fins on it's torso. Subject terminated after dying of lack of oxygen.
Rottenburg TF2-002-B-3 posses a Flammenwerfer 35, a German M65 gas mask, and a trench knife. Subject speaks fluent German and claims to have fought in WW2. Subject has detailed knowledge of German history. Currently adopted by Dr. Ägidius Shachtschneider. Specimen was very small.
Mario Kart Map TF2-002-B-4 is life sized, about the same as regular Pyro mercenary. Subject has red suit and Mario hat, and speaks in a stereotypical Italian accent. Subject has unhealthy lust for spaghetti and a hatred for "Goombas". 
[REDACTED] TF2-002-B-5 was as large as the Eiffel Tower and killed over 2,000 innocents in [DATA EXPUNGED] and 20 Scoot Labs personnel. Prof. Scoot launched seven nuclear warheads at the subject as nothing could harm it. Nukes knocked out subject long enough for TF2-003 to retrieve subject.

Prof. Scoot Notes: Who the hell thought it was a good idea to hatch an egg at [REDACTED]!? Somebody terminate that idiot!

Eggs left: 86

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