Non-RP species

This TF2nimal is not a roleplay species.

Item #: TF2-001

Object Class: Tryhard

Special Containment  Procedures:

TF2-001 is to be kept in an australium storage cube in Prof. Scoot's lab, in the storage section.

TF2-001 is to be checked on every 24 hours by guards and/or janitors. Should TF2-001 show it's anomalous effects, the door to the storage area should be sealed for 30 days. Staff should wait an additional week to retrieve the remains of TF2-001's victims. Staff should wear protective gear (such as gloves and hazmat suits) when dealing with TF2-001.


TF2-001 appears to be an australium suitcase with the words "Pootis" carved on the front. Inside of the suitcase seems to be a tactical Sandvich Edible Device, with meat of an unknown species. When TF2-001 activates it's strange effects (triggered by ███ ███ ████ ██), the subject will start to uncontrollably shout "Pootis spencer here.", and have a strong urge to eat sandwiches. Subject will taunt kill nearby humans until a dispenser is built. The subject will go into cardiac arrest after 7 hours of exposure to TF2-001. Subject will begin to ooze a strange substance from it's ████.  This goo like substance will turn anything that comes into contact with it a sentient sandvich, that screams "Pootis" every three seconds (dubbed TF2-001-B) There are currently four instances of TF2-001-B. 

Discovery Log

TF2-001 was discovered in ████, ████ by Prof. Scoot while sauceoilem medic hunting █ years ago in an abandoned warehouse. 

Incident Log 001-8

Three heavily armed fugitives broke into Prof. Scoot's lab, killing guards and taking scientists hostage. Subjects entered the storage area and proceeded to stuff duffle bags full of precious artifacts and TF2nimal documents. 

37 days later, the subjects seem to have come into contact with TF2-001. Subjects seem to have turned into sandviches, while one of them terminated.

Corpse was frozen and sandwiches were taken to their respective habitats.

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