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Blurry security footage of the last known sighting of Dr gordon

are a race of mutated mercs created with the Forced Pay-To-Play Virus. Although most have been killed, some still roam (mainly hostile). Any information on a loose mutant should be reported to Mann Co or Scoot Labs. 

Origins Edit

Supermutants were created by Dr. Gordon Manfree in Vault 3, a secret underground science facility dedicated to creating Half Life 3. Gordon produced a virus that he claimed could fit within the Half Life storyline, a virus that turned forces players to become pay-2-play. He did this by combining a gibus with a "Upgrade to Premium Gift", wrapping it in bacon, [REFRACTED], and then turning it into liquid. This virus effected the DNA of hosts, turning their young gibus brains into mature premium brains. However, this process often proved to be problematic, as most mutants became insane or even died from this sudden change. If survived, they spew words such as "NOOB", "NUB", "BOOBIES", "EF TOO PEE SCOOM", and often crave hats. They will attempt to kill anyone wearing an expensive hat or weapon made of australium, which caused mayhem when they escaped in October 3, 2015. They slaughtered most of the staff, except Gordon, who infected himself with the virus and escaped. The mutants ripped the door of the vault straight off, wreaking havoc upon local towns and RED bases. An estimated 2,000 have died to the hands of mutants. After a heated battle with United Fortress Protection Agency, the mutants were mainly killed off or left to flee, either keeping a low profile or conducting small raids on towns. 

Variants Edit

Vault 3 supermutantsEdit

The standard mutant created by Gordon. 

O.W.N supermutantsEdit

The terrorist group known as OWN synthesized a virus similar to that of Gordon's, using his recipe as a structure. However,
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A picture of an OWN mutant taken by a civil war veteran

instead of bacon, it was tofu, and the victims were clones of the wizard [DATA EXPUNGED]. These were used in the Red/Blu vs O.W.N civil war as super soldiers, easily using their magic and superhuman strength to rip apart mercs. Only two known still exist, one being retired and living in an old mental asylum, and one becoming a leader of brutal raiders. 

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