Few glipses were caught of this branch of Demo, but one may note the fact that they carry around a Caber as they seem emotionally attached to it, and a shield they are born with to move fast as they seem a bit skittish around others and will charge away from other species or towards their predators in an attempt to take their hunters with them into the afterlife. We have yet to get one to stand still long enough for a picture...

What to notice: SuidemoEdit

Suidemos have been noted as having a dream for flight,  being a subspeices of the Demodactyl.Sadly,they do not have the ability to use sticky launchers, and must cope by using a Caber for their flight. Unfortunely, they all seem to be fataly afraid of heights but do not know of this fact, so they have a tendency to have heart attacks at the apex of their flights. Thus, their life span tend to be very short, the most some Suidemos will survive is only a few minutes after finding a caber.

Suidemo's defense mechanismEdit

These rare varity of Demodactyl are very frail because of their explosive tendencies. While they will tend to hang on to their newly found cabers to use for doomed flight, but will use them to defend themselves from one they feel threated by. They will charge into the one threating them, and once they collide, they swing the caber in hopes of taking their enemy out. Suidemos seem to consider all their predators....and their prey.