Extremely rare and only ever spotted in Hightower, Sugar Wasps are amongst the most mysterious TF2nimals there are. They have a massive affinity for food and sweets, preferring the latter. They use their agility and even sometimes stolen weapons in order to gain access to sugars or escape from predators.

  • A Sugar Wasp preparing a stolen Buckshot to use as propulsion.
  • A Sugar Wasp running with a candy cane.


Few photographs exist of the Sugar Wasp, but we are fortunate enough to be able to discern much from them. They visibly have wings and braces on their legs to help protect them against the strain their limbs go through. They also seem to be a member of the Carpo family, judging by their shape and size. 


The personality of the Sugar Wasp is reminiscent of the rest of the Carpo family. They jump around often and are faster than most other species. They are, however, especially fragile.

Sugar Wasps have the strange behavior of collecting sweets from unknown sources. It is speculated that they use these as food; it would explain why they attempt to break it on the terrain. Since they are quite weak and cannot break candies themselves, they will instead attempt to smash it against an object. This object ranges from rocks to walls to unsuspecting mercenaries, earning them a bad reputation amongst them as a nuissance and an annoyance.


It is speculated that the Sugar Wasp may have some connection to the Butterfly Scoot and, more specifically, the Scooterfly. Both have very similar body shapes and behavior patterns, with the most prominent difference being the Sugar Wasp's affinity for sweets.  Some also believe the Sugar Wasp may have a connection with Pyroland, which would explain their behavior and where they would find so many candy canes to eat. More radical theories suspect they can warp between our world and Pyroland at will. It is unknown how they would accomplish it, however.


  • Flight of the Monarch
  • Flunkyware
  • Candy Cane
  • Pyrovision goggles