The Stupid Scouts are extremely rare and are almost extinct, due to their suicidal nature. They are found in Sawmill or 2fort. They have an extension to their arms with spikes on them.


They charge at random TF2-nimals, and swing their claws. If they miss,
Stupid Scout

The Stupid Scout

 they keep on hitting until they die. They have tournaments, and the one who wins dies anyway. They are known to get their hats from killing other animals, even though every stupid scout has one.They also have goggles, which are obtained along with the hat. They are friendly to spycrabs and also Shpees. A stupid scout infected with the Conga virus will not be hostile, since it is too preoccupied to attack.


The Stupid Scout wears a black hat, pyroland gogles, and has a spiked extension on its arm.

How to become oneEdit

In order to be a stupid scout, you must have:

-Ghastly Gibus

-Pyroland Goggles

-Boston Basher

-Good aim/Bad aim

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