Stokingland is a country in South-East Asia, run by the dictator TF2nimal Argyle Lentsworth. It was established in 1998, when a nuclear warhead was accidentally launched on an island inhabited by the Pootis Tribe, a tribal group of pootis mongrels. Poot-Mekla, the leader of the tribe, was pissed off at America's bombing, and decided to absorb the radiation from the nuke with their sandviches. When they ate of the sandvich, they became stronger than regular mongrels, and gained the ability of generating living beings. They then generated a population of an entirely new species, PootyDootSootGloids

The island thrived peacefully, until the United States arrived to ask what the flying booty cheeks what was going on. With the population distracted, Argyle, a jealous member of the Pooty, ate the entire tribe and caught Pook-Mekla in a pokeball. He then declared himself as leader of the island, and said it was a country because he said so. He named it Stokingland, the country of fried rice. 


Military Edit


Resources Edit

As Stokingland was mainly untouched and was blessed by the Gods, it was rich in oil, tiberium, bavarium, adamant, copper, and dilithium. Because of this, many countries attempt to invade the country for it's resources, but are mainly stomped on by Stockingland's military strength. 

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