The Starren are a species found by Dr. Marxman in a match of payload race. There were originally 2 of them, but they did indeed mate and create 2 more offspring. They are extremely random and practice punctuated evolution, changing weapons and appearance extremely often. They were originally thought to be related to the Demopan, but Dr. Marxman disproved this theory very quickly with evidence of their punctuated evolution and the basic fact that Demopans are unable to do this. They use any weapon that is a reskin, such as pans, signs, staffs, bottles, etc. They occasionally wear unusuals in times of victory. When they were found, there was a male and a female. When they birthed children, one revolted, changed teams, and attacked their parents. Due to the fact they are newly discovered, it is unknown if more exist at all. The species was treated with kindness due to their hostility, and they even allowed Dr. Marxman to take a family photo. None were taken into captivity, and they were highly protected. Marxman remains in contact with them, in case other scientists wants to interview or review them. Since they are extremely hostile and have never been seen to consume their prey, they are believed to hunt simply for fun. The Starrens can also speak fluent English, how this is is unknown. Dr. Marxman and his study team are leading a series of tests on DNA they allowed him to collect.


Demoman Class

Any reskin of bottle

Any cosmetics

Any shield

bootlegger or Ali Baba's Wee Booties

Change username to Starren (if traveling in numbers, add numbers).


(All of this is required)

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