Staring Pyros (Also known as Creepy Staring Pyros) are thought to be members of the Pyroidae family for their similar characteristics to other species. Staring Pyros are known  for their powers to take the soul ofthe victim when said victim stares into their eyes. These creatures are extremely dangerous and have to be avoided at all costs. They are said to appear rarely after great misfortune has happened on a player.

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A staring pyro picture that was taken before the photographer had his soul taken.


These creatures tend to move very slowly so avoiding one should be considerably easy. Though they tend to sneak up on victims so you may have to be extremely alert. Not much is known about these creatures since no one has ever been close enough or unlucky enough to find one. But if a TF2 biologist ever should find him/herself unlucky enough to find one and try to study it, they would have their soul immediately taken when he/she looks into it's eyes.


These creatures look like normal pyros except they have no facial expressions at all.  They have only small sharp appendages poking out of their arms. (We are still not sure what they are used for.)

How to be one!Edit

  1. Be a pyro. (Duh.)
  2. Take your axe out.
  3. Crouch.
  4. Stare at people
  5. ???
  6. Death.
  7. (optional) Sight For Sore Eyes for extra effect