Stare Medic

The Stare

TF2nimals- Stare Medic00:46

TF2nimals- Stare Medic

A Spycrab makes the life-costing mistake of staring at the eye of a Stare Medic. Afterwards, the Stare Medic practices self defense on a Heavy attempting to kill him.

Medic is a species of medics that only have one big eye for a head and groups together in dark, dry places.

They usually hold out a massive syringe ( The ubersaw or the vita-saw ) But only attack with it if they are attacked themselves.


It never blinks and are often found with other Stare Medics and sit in dark dry places and stare at anyone who happens to enter their nest.

The Stare medic is scared of light, they only travel during night and stay in dark places during the day. This means anyone with a shining unusual, a australium weapon, or a flamethrower will scare the Stare medic(s) away.

Never stare into the Stare medic's eye, because sometimes it causes Spontaneous explosions, exploding the one who is staring at it.

If you are caught in a place with a Stare medic, do not look them straight in the eye, no matter how tempting, for they will steal your soul within seconds if the gaze is not broken.

  • Will stare at people with good hats, but not shiny hats.
  • Will ignore people without hats


The Stare medic is a medic, with the monocolus and holding out a ubersaw or vita-saw

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