Spyseals are a rare variant of the Decipio. They are most commonly recognized by having a seal face with a bright orange band of color on the back of thier heads. Most of them can be found on any map with water, but they can survive on land as well if there is no water present. Although they may look innocent, be warned, for they can be very violent when they need to.

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Spyseals rarely use violence, but if they feel threatened or have to escape, they can use a range of attacks to thier advantage.

  • Face Punch: Spyseals will probably go for the head first, depending on what skills they have. A hit from thier flippers in the head has a bullet-like force and can do quite a bit of damage.
  • Claws: Under each flipper of a spyseal are four sharp claws [approx. 5 inches in length].They are most lethal to a person if they hit the spine or back of the body. It is unknown how such small claws can deal so much damage, but that is one of the mysteries of this new species.
  • Invisibility: The most unique ability of the spyseal is the ability to turn completely invisible. This unique tactic helps the spyseal sneak up on its enemies or get away in a drastic situation. This cloak only lasts for a short time, except for a few that can go for very long periods cloaked [up to two hours].
  • Feigning Death; Some kinds of spyseals can use what is known as a "fake dying" ability, where they feign thier death, but then appear somewhere else.

Study/ NotesEdit

Spyseals are a relatively new species, first discovered on August 19th, 2013. Not much research has been done on them, but one scientist, [name withheld], has been looking for them. His studies have been successful, as he found two wild spyseals and a Speal [female spyseal]. More research needs to be done.

Required ItemsEdit

- Seal Mask

-Any type of Knife

-Ambassador/ L'Etranger/Diamondback

-Any kind of Invisibility Watch

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