Your average Spymeleon.

Spymeleons, also called Goldenrodites, are a species of Decipio first discovered by Jebidijed in Goldenrod City. They are notable for their habit of constantly activating and deactivating their cloaking devices while walking through the environment. Since their discovery, they have been seen throughout all kinds of areas. They are thought to have descended from the illustrious Spycrab, and behave very similarly to said species.

Spymeleons hobble throughout the land, stabbing at the ground with their claws to check for food. Upon being provoked, Spymeleons will deploy their claws to their longest and sharpest, and will try to get behind the intruder for a fatal backstab. If the docile creature is not disturbed they will hold out a brick shaped mechanism, presumably for detecting vibrations in the ground so that they can find their small prey.

Glass SpymeleonEdit

This subspecies of Spymeleon is much more aggressive than your average Goldenrodite, and will often try to suck the life force out of their opponent with their special diamond shaped claws. Unlike their docile cousins, the Glass Spymeleon will not activate their cloaking device until being attacked, and will often scuttle behind their victim to do the above stated behavior.

This subspecies is much more fragile and easier to kill, despite their similar size to their cousins. While in their docile state, they will do the same thing as the average Goldenrodite, hold out a brick-shaped device.


  • Any invis watch other than the Dead Ringer (Spymeleon only)
  • Any knife other than Conniver's Kunai (Spymeleon only)
  • Dead Ringer (Glass Spymeleon only)
  • Conniver's Kunai (Glass Spymeleon only)