"Combat"-Spyguin's battle cry in slow motion by 9000%

The Spyguin was created when a regular spy was injected with experimental DNA. The spy went into shock, and slowly transformed into a half-spy, half-penguin. They thought he was dead and threw him into the trash, when he woke up he was in a dumpster. He noticed he had no physical change on the outside, except that now he had Tux equipped. He could not take Tux off. After a few years, the spy realized that he was getting fatter everyday. Then he realized that he was pregnant, but it was too late. He gave birth to 16 Spyguins. Shortly after, the Spyguins ate the spy.

About the SpyguinEdit

The Spyguins are a neutral species but it depends if they are domesticated or not. If they are domesticated, they will be neutral but will still attack if one gets into their domain. If they are wild, their eyes will be silver and will eat anything on sight. The Spyguins have a unique way of communicating with other Spyguins. Their noise when they talk is extremely high and can not be heard by humans. Also they talk really fast and it looks like they are communicating without moving their mouths. They life in watery areas such as tuefort, Sawmill, etc. Even in cold places like coldfront. As said before they will attack anything that's not Spyguin in their domain, unless its a ally. For a human to get in the domain, they have to wear a Tux on their face when he/she goes in the domain. If the human at any point takes the Tux off, they will be executed publicly for treason. Child Spyguins, when born are asked a life changing question, "Is the Tux the hero?" If they child Spyguin says yes, they will be spared. If they say nein or no, they will be executed on the spot, publicly.


-Strong arms and legs, able to swim in the water at moc 7

-Big lungs, being able to stay underwater for a day at the most

-Fast way of communication, so enemies don't understand their strategy

-Eyes change color depending on what mood the Spyguin is in

Allies and EnemiesEdit

ALLIES- Solly Bird Hybrids (SBHs)- Natural allies

Pyroshark- Hunt together

Spycrabs- distant relatives if that's possible

ENEMIES- Hoovydile- Fight over territory

Hunters- Spyguins are valuable for their Tux that is sold at high prices

Sewer Medic- Spyguins want to live in the sewers but can't

Water Missiles- Hunt Spyguins for food

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