Shpembryo: The shpembryo is very fragile, possibly having only 15 minutes of gameplay outside of tutorial conception. The shpembryo has a small chance of mutating into a snipy, depending on which Meet the Chromosome they are exposed to in the womb. If they are exposed to Meet the Spy, they are approximately 10x more likely to become shpees.

Shpee: The shpee begins its life by joining a server. The shpee will be confused and not know where it is. Its weapons will be confusing, and their original movements will be clumsy at best. Before the shpee can attempt to find nimbler prey, it must feed off of a rare, plump, and easily extractable fruit known only as A F K. The shpee will slowly develop its knife limb, before more advanced motor functions become available. During this time, they must avoid predators such as WM1s, who are vicious. 90% of shpees die to WM1s during this phase.

Spee: As soon as the shpee has managed to dominate several A F Ks or been lucky enough to beat a Heavy Tortoise, it may enter adolescence, signified by a Gibus, Pyrovision Goggles, or an insistence that it is a Spy and not a Spee. Do not be fooled though, the shift from Shpee to Spee does not make it more likely to survive. However, the Spee is slightly skilled enough that it may be able to develop several important limbs, such as the Dead Ringer, Spycicle, or Ambassador. Full usage will develop in time. Spee is a transitional phase, in which skill is developed.

Spy: The true marker of a Spy is a hat. The spy may have mastered trickstabs, escape routes, and learned the locations of hiding spots and ammo packs. They may be able to hunt their former predators, the WM1s, and even feast on the nimble Scout Dragonflies. Like Sniper Mantises, only a rare few Shpees ever reach adulthood, compared with Heavy Tortoises, who have a brief and uneventful transition to adulthood. However, an adult Spy or Sniper Mantis is much more capable and powerful than many others, however rare they are.